Snickerz The Comedy Bar
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Welcome to Snickerz Comedy Bar, one of the country's longest running A-Room comedy clubs. Snickerz originated in 1986 due to the overwhelming success of the local based late-night comedy talk show NightShift with Kevin Ferguson.

Snickerz has been named one of the top 5 comedy clubs in the United States by Comedy USA based on the amenities of the club and the quality of the talent. Snickerz books only A-Headliners and A-Features. So what does that mean to you? This means that these are the same acts that you will see in Los Angeles, New York, & Chicago. Snickerz has presented acts like Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Steve Harvey, Tommy Chong, Gallagher (yes the real Gallagher not his brother), Lisa Lampanelli, and Lewis Black to name a few, plus all of the acts featured on the Bob & Tom radio show.

Snickerz Comedy Bar, 5535 St Joe Road Fort Wayne IN 46835